We are developing revolutionary technologies
to sustainably solve critical environmental
and social challenges of the world.

Founded for a better World. 

Given the steadily increasing world population and the exploitation of natural resources, humanity faces frightening challenges which require unorthodox solutions. We implement disruptive thinking and new business models into autochthonous industries by using technologies, formerly presumed to be uneconomical or impossible.

Silicon Valley made in Germany.

An interdisciplinary team of experts in Biology, Chemistry, Engineering, Business development, Marketing and Distribution is working in our research center near Dresden in Saxony, Germany. Up to now the technology companies Biofabrik White Refinery and Biofabrik Green Refinery as well as the robotics and prototype company Biofabrik Automation Systems arose from this.

Ecologically and economically expedient.

To ensure the highest level of social and ecological benefits, our technologies are designed not only to be sustainable but also economical. Our work is energy and carbon neutral and we reinvest our revenues to continuously improve and distribute our existing technologies as well as to develop new technologies according to these principles.

Be a part of it.

Our goal is to design numerous further technology-startups within the next decades to help improve our world with each step we take. Accompany us on this way - as employee, client or investor: